Light ham, smoked*

100 g8 slices

Mildly smoked and especially lean, this ham combines the gentle flavour of a light ham with the requirement of uncomplicated, contemporary enjoyment. Full of flavour with only 3% fat!

*At least 30% less fat than average cured ham

Keep refrigerated between 0°C and + 4°C.


Pork meat (96%), salt, spices, spice extracts, dextrose, acidifier: citric acid; antioxidant: sodium ascorbate; preservative: sodium nitrite, potassium nitrate; beech wood smoke

Nutritional information

Energy 587 kJ/139 kcal
Fat 3,0 g
saturated fatty acids 1,1 g
Carbohydrates 1,0 g
Sugar 1,0 g
Proteins 27 g
Salt 5,0 g
3percent pig