200 gPolish speciality

This tangy Polish speciality has a characteristic look and flavour: aromatic garlic and pepper for a wonderfully spicy taste and the typical colouring of paprika. It can be kept for long periods without refrigeration, making it the ideal snack when travelling, outdoors or simply to have at home.

Pork sausage, medium mince, smoked, steamed, roasted.

Store between 0° and +7°C.


pork (96 %), salt, wheat fibre, spices, pepper, pork protein, glucose, grape sugar, flavour enhancer: monosodium glutamate, antioxidant: isoascorbic acid, stabiliser: sodium ascorbate, sodium citrate, preservative: sodium nitrite.

100 g of finished product is prepared with 134 g of pork. Product packaged in a protective atmosphere.

Nutritional information

Energy 1609 kJ (389 kcal)
Fat 34 g
saturated fatty acids 15 g
Carbohydrates 2,6 g
Sugar < 0,5 g
Proteins 17 g
Salt 3,3 g
pig poland