You can taste the decades of experience

Bell has been synonymous with quality, taste and tradition since 1869 when Samuel Bell opened a small butcher's shop in Switzerland. Today, the company has more than 31 production facilities in nine countries and can therefore produce many regional charcuterie specialities in their region of origin. Air-dried Bündnerfleisch from the Swiss Alps, Black Forest ham smoked over beechwood or the best Serrano ham from Spain – all specialities produced by Bell in its own facilities using traditional methods.

This traditional craft perfected over many decades is mirrored in the quality of the products and is responsible for the incomparable taste of Bell's charcuterie specialities.

Wide and impressive range of products

Bell is launching a wide range of charcuterie products from different regions. The Séléction Espana and Séléction de France mixed platters offer a selection of the many specialities from Spain and France. The Classic range comprises traditional charcuterie products with certificates of origin from different European regions. The range includes Bündnerfleisch, Jamòn Serrano Gran Reserva, Black Forest ham, Chorizo and Fuet. The charcuterie range is completed by top-quality ham cut into cubes and strips.